About the department
The Department of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research was established in March 2017 to support and develop interdisciplinary research at KRC RAS.

At the first stage an Analytical expert group was formed, which included the centre`s leading scientists of the center in the field of nature management and ecology.

In December 2018, three new laboratories for interdisciplinary research were established in the department as part of the national project "Science":

Laboratory for Ecological Monitoring and Modeling (development of mathematical models of natural ecosystem dynamics and geoinformation models of natural, anthropogenic and socio-economic processes);
Laboratory for Plant Biotechnology (fundamentals of obtaining biotechnological forms of advanced woody plants);
Laboratory for Digital Technologies in Regional Development (issues of digitalization of the economy and society of the North-West of Russia and digital methods of regional development).

On May 6, 2020 the reorganization of Karelian Research Center RAS was completed by joining Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Karelian State Agricultural Experimental Station (FSBI "Karelian GSKhOS") into the former as a structural unit. The station became part of the Department of Integrated Scientific Research as Laboratory for Agrotechnology Vilga.

Laboratory for Greenhouse Gas Monitoring which was formed in the KRC RAS in 2022, is engaged in studying the patterns of greenhouse gas emission and flux of bog ecosystems, the influence of abiotic and biotic factors on changes in carbon fluxes in environmental conditions, as well as the effects of anthropogenic impacts.

Last modified: March 21, 2023